Contrary to popular belief, one way of improving real estate property value is placing a billboard advertisement on-site when legally permitted to do so. From a business perspective, billboards are an excellent advertising medium during both good and poor economic times. From a real estate investor’s perspective, billboards are an asset to property since current zoning laws in numerous cities across the United States limit or restrict construction of billboards.

One of the greatest advantages of billboards is the fact that the cost per impression is low compared to other advertising options. The cost vis-à-vis the effect on your business is low because if a billboard is placed in a prime location such as near a major freeway or highway, many people will driving by will see the billboard. In fact, billboards are cheap compared to other forms of advertising such as newspaper classified ads, television commercials, and radio ads.

Billboards are even more advantageous to real estate owners because there are very low maintenance costs especially if you’re just offering a ground lease to a billboard company. The cleaning, improvements, and other overhead costs are handled by the billboard company in this case. Think of this like a triple net lease where the tenant pays rent and is responsible for the maintenance.

With a billboard investment, you, as the property owner, can still use the property on which the billboard lies for other purposes such as farming or a business along a highway. These billboards take up a very small footprint of the property and do not obstruct the tenant’s or the customer’s use of the property.

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